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Rites of Spring

2021, Short animation film - non narrative, experimental / Duration 04':28''

co production Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture


Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada

Big Cartoon Festival, Russia

Stop Trick Festival Maribor, Slovenia

Animest Bucharest

ANIMATEKA, Ljubliana

Raindance Film Festival, London

Seville European Film Festival

POFF Shorts black night film festival, Estonia

Piccolo Festival Animazione, Italy

Under the Radar, Austria (Winner Grand Prix)

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (Winner second best Cypriot Film)

Animafilm, Bacu (Winner best experimental Film)

Animist Tallin, Estonia 

Cyprus Short film Day, London

West Lake International Animation Festival (IAF), China

Anima Brussels

Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA

Athens Animfest, Greece

Animatricks International Animation Festival, Finland

FRAMED Animatie Film festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

Brighton International Animation Festival, UK

Anifilm, Czech Republic

FilmFest Dresden​, Germany

Annecy International Animation Festival, France

Fest Anča, Slovakia

Vienna Shorts, Austria

Turku Animated Film Festival, Finland

Animafix Internatinal Animated Film Festival, Bagheria, Sicily

Insomnia, Russia

Viborg Animation Festival, Denmark

PRIMANIMA World Festival of First Animation, Hungary

This experimental –non narrative - animated short film is inspired by Kostis Kolotas’ text “An Unfinished Novel” (Cyprus, 2000). In the novel, set in rural Cyprus of the past, Christian Orthodox tradition and the mysterious world of travelling theatre troupes, considered sinful by organized religion, fascinate the young protagonist equally. The film explores hidden and not-so-hidden paths that connect Christian tradition, pagan ritual and theatre. Like the Cypriot author Kostis Kolotas, the filmmaker is enchanted by life close to nature and the rich history of his homeland. Using abstract forms, inspiration from printmaking and folk art the film expresses the emotional and visual impact of a beautiful but disappearing world. 

The music explores notions and expressions in orbit with the film's theme and title. Spring is the time when blossoming eruptions emerge in nature but also in the hearts of people. The synergy of all the elements produces an escalating rebellious tension of textures and sensations leading to catharsis.

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