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Υiorgos Tsangaris is mainly inspired by man. With sensitivity and observation he reproduces human expression through the seemingly spontaneous movement and the multiformity of gesture. Still in Tsangaris’ drawing, the stagnation of pose is always dissimulatingly superficial.


His work is youthful and infinitely optimistic. It is, at the same time, completely uninfluenced by the prevailing ideas and practices. It takes on a timeless quality as it reflects human dimension with discreet delicacy and courteous predisposition. Tsangaris works on the drawing, lending life, breath and movement to his forms, creating propositions that articulate speech through the simplicity of their lines and the elegant artistic expression.


His imagery’s rough and ethereal elements place the work in a space between corporeal and incorporeal. Tsangaris takes the human figure away from its environment, leading it to other areas, atmospheric and erotic, giving it, through drawing and colour, ethereal and poetic dimensions.


The drawn message is the one revealed through the composition of an image. It is the one consisting of the information, the feeling and the singularity of creative communication. The artist is an inspired machine that gives breath and spirituality to his work. The world of the creator does not refer to existential dilemmas; it is, the impressionistic output of an idiosyncratic and overpowering human presence.


Tsangaris belongs to the contemporary generation of researchers-creators that mentally communicate, having previously given soul and cogency to their artistic form. Through a seeming simplicity he expresses contemporary ideas of timeless quality that tend to please the viewer and transfer him to other domains, escaping the confined captivity of the real.


Dimitri Eipides

Programmer, film festivals director and film critic

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